Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hi all!! Me again! Trying something new today and tried a video! Please don't mind the dark circles under my eyes and the lack of hair styling! haha! I hope you all enjoy it. Leave a comment of encouragement! Thanks : )

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  1. Something that is a real struggle for me is when I hear someone say something that I strongly disagree with, or I think is said in ignorance. My immediate response can often be very strongly opinionated and offensive, and can often be hurtful if I were to actually say the first thing that I think back to that person. I often end up not responding at all because I cannot find a way to translate that into a constructive response. This happens a LOT on Facebook. I rarely post on there and that is partially why. So many of the things floating around on FB are comments like the ones you describe in this blog, like arguments that have no real bearing, or comments that are basically bait for an argument. I really have to make a conscious effort not to give in and respond to those sorts of comments because I can have a fiery tongue myself, and FB just REALLY is a terrible place to have those discussions that could get heated easily. they are meant for face to face conversations where a person can get the context of what is being said and not just be immediately offended and not really understand what was meant. anyway, I'm beginning to go on a blog of my own on your page so I'll stop. good post darlin.