Saturday, October 20, 2012

So, here it is Saturday and I have not gotten my book yet. With two kiddos and a baby, it makes it really hard to want to just "run" anywhere. So I have my mom on the job to get the book for me. I'm hoping I can get it by the end of the weekend!

What makes me nervous the most about this upcoming adventure would have to be involving the children. Anyone with kids knows how hard it can be to get them to do anything that they might not like doing. The ages of my kids, five and three (baby doesn't count,) makes it even harder for them to understand any kind of change.

Even though there will be these challenges, I think that's what excites me most! My husband always says something like, "If its not hard, its not worth doing." Which always reminds me, again, how right he is! 

Let me back up for a second. The reason this whole idea has hit home so much, because for the last two or so years we have been trying to sell our home. For these last years, we have collected many new items and stored old items for the "new" house that we are anticipating. This has created a lot of issues for us. One, we have put all our hope in getting a new house that we have intensely focused on it, ignoring other things. Two, we have invested in a huge storage unit costing us $100 a month! We have banked so much into the idea of having "more" house that we have put aside being thankful for this wonderfully warm house we already have. This has created a lot of stress and pressure on myself. I wanted a bigger house so badly for us! I've prayed and prayed over it. Then things started happening that has opened my eyes to the fact that it is just not in God's time yet.

The first thing to happen to us was back in February. My husband had an unexpected seizure in front of our girls and a 6 month pregnant, me. It was a horrifying experience that led to the absence of his job for a total of 5 months. It took all of our savings and more to stay a float during that time. Thankfully, our church family was very supportive and encouraging to us! During that time we also had baby number three! Talk about stress!

So here we are, late October, and our realtor calls to give us more bad news. Our house has had no new "hits" in over ten days and she thinks it would be best to take the house off the market through the holidays and early spring. Since I have been praying to God about what to do, I felt like that was a clear sign from Him to listen and take our house off the market.

I feel very defeated but at the same time I feel relief. I want to listen to God's timing and follow His plan, so I know this is the right choice. I am listening and am going to be obedient!

Now we have to deal with the storage unit and all our excess stuff that we were going to take with us when we move. I do not want to keep paying this fee for things we might not even use for an other year or however long it takes to move! So my options are to sell all the things we have, or I can find good homes to those who need them more than we. I have chosen the latter. And let me tell you, its addictive!! So far we have gotten rid of our queen size bed frame, which has created a lot more room in the bedroom! Plus I have given away a baby swing we had no room for and have donated a ton of clothes! Its taking some time to organize and find people who are in need but I am loving it! No more stress of a garage sale (pricing, storing, taking time to sit outside, wait for people to come, and trying to deal with the kids at the same time.) I am loving it! Yes, we may need the extra money but a few hundred dollars will be gone so fast that we won't even remember where it went! Whereas giving away everything contains a much greater joy that I won't soon forget! I encourage you all to try it and see how much better you feel!

That leads me to where I am at today. I have realized just how truly blessed I am to having a warm house with all my children and loving husband in it! I know that our love will carry on, whatever our monetary circumstance may be. I am starting to realize its truly not things that make me happy at the end of the day. This is why I am so excited to challenge me and my family!

Thanks for reading, today's post was a little long!


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  1. You are SO on the right track...and it's inspiring! Great go girl!